“Christa is a dream to work with. She approaches our stories with grace, passion, honesty, and humor. She respects our ideas and style, and yet still treats the work as her own. Her innate understanding of characters and story and the messages we try to convey is a precious gift. We trust her instincts and her insights completely, and we know that her feedback makes us better writers. Very simply, she’s the best.”

“Every author needs Christa in their life. 
Your stories will thank you for it!”  

“Christa is the most thorough, collaborative, and compassionate editor I've had the pleasure to work with. I adore her and can't recommend her services highly enough.”

There are not enough kind words to describe working with Christa! She is thorough and spot on. Even when I want to groan, I know she is right! She has been in the editing world for so long that she really knows every aspect of the industry, and it shows in her work. She is also hilarious and amazingly fun to work with. She does not disappoint.

“Christa's ability to make a book shine is second to none. Her editing is insightful, on-point, and my stories always come out of the editing process much stronger. She's very timely with her edits and a total professional to work with.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

“I've never worked so well with an editor. Christa gets it.
The process, the story... She cares as deeply about the characters and the finished product as I do, and it shows in her editing and all her communications. If you want happy readers, you want her to edit your book.”

"I'm one very lucky writer to call Christa my editor. Working with Christa on my debut novel really was a pleasure. She crawled into the minds of my characters and helped me find their true voices. She pointed out redundancies in my writing and helped me to sharpen my dialogue and grammar. And Christa did all this while being brutally honest (thank goodness!) and entirely optimistic and upbeat (thank goodness!)."

“Christa is consistently professional, reliable, and insightful. Her years of experience are evident; there isn't a question she can't answer, or a fact she will fail to check. Christa is the type of editor you go to when you want to feel safe; you know you'll leave her with a stronger book, and as a stronger writer. She understands how different genres and markets work, and will treat your work with the care and sensitivity that it deserves. Trust her --she knows her stuff.” 

“Christa is one of the best editors I've ever worked with.
She helped me to go deeper with my characters and to make sure the story I wanted to tell was the one coming across on the page. With her assistance, I was also able to add that last layer of professional polish before my book went out into the world. I can't recommend her highly enough and hope to work with her for many years to come.” 
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