Two editorial passes of your book. This will include a detailed editorial letter and in-manuscript comments/line edits for your book with each pass. I will address plot, character, world-building, and fine tune problematic grammar issues.

Two revision rounds for your cover copy, query, or blurb. You will need to provide a synopsis and first draft attempt at your blurb/query.

One copy-edited pass of your book. This will include an extensive in-manuscript copy edit to correct grammar/timeline errors and proofread your book using CMOS guidelines. Included in this package will be a style sheet with character/word use/timeline notes.

One proofreading round of your book. This will include either a PDF mark-up or an in-manuscript proofing to correct grammar/spelling/formatting errors using CMOS guidelines.

A substantive reading of your novel with emphasis on providing feedback in a particular area of expertise (Example: interracial relationships, LGB, sexual assault).

Inquire about prices.
Payment of deposit for services under $100 indicates an acceptance of these terms. For services over $100, all services require a 50% deposit before work can be done. All payments are done via online invoicing that accepts credit card payments. The final payment is due upon receipt of final edits. All payment dates and amounts will be outlined clearly in the contract.
Availability of services is limited and based on my schedule. To guarantee a certain time or date, a deposit must be made to hold your reservation.
All editorial services are done electronically using MS Word. Please format all manuscripts in MS Word before sending.
If I have received partial payment to reserve editorial services but have not yet started work, I am happy to provide a refund of your deposit at your request. However, once work has started, no refunds will be issued.
I cannot guarantee that using my editorial services will result in an offer of representation from an agent or a contract with a publisher. Unfortunately, even excellent manuscripts often do not find homes in the publishing industry.
Feedback given during contracted editorial services cannot be reproduced or used as marketing material or as a blurb without written consent.
No personal information shared in the context of our business agreement will ever be shared or sold.
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