I'm a long-time lover of the romance genre, and began my editorial path interning at a YA/romance publisher. I quickly turned my "passion for passion" into a deep interest in partnering with authors to bring out their best stories. I believe that every writer makes a promise to their reader, and it is my job as the editor to make sure that promise is fulfilled. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors in helping bring out their vision in their stories. I read across the genre, but particularly like high-heat romance with flawed characters, interracial romance, LGBTQ romance, and stories of survivors who overcome adversity to find their HEA/HFN. 
I've had the opportunity to enrich my developmental editing career by learning/perfecting my copy-editing skills. This has afforded me the chance to work with large traditional publishers as part of a team looking to put the best books possible on the shelves. My copy-editing philosophy involves diving deep into the craft/language, but also making sure that the author shows a sensitivity to all readers, particularly those who are marginalized. 
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